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Modular Vacuum Circuit Breaker

PRO-VAC Modular Circuit breaker are ideally suited for switching applications the electrical distribution networks.

It consists of standardized modular and compact metal clad enclosures equipped with EV series Vacuum circuit breakers .The typical arrangement of standard panels will enable to fulfill different switching & Protection application in the medium voltage distribution system with utmost compactness safety & reliability.

Salient Features

Excellent breaking performance.

Maintenance free long service life.

Separate instrument transformer chamber & metering /relay chamber.

Independent explosion vent for all HIT compartments.

Unlimited extensibility on either side .

Highest degree of personal safety .

Compact and totally compartmentalized construction.


Applicable Standards

Type Of Installation

Type of Protection

Phase to Phase Clearance

Phase to Earth Clearance

Bus Bar Rating

Incoming cable entry

Type of breaker

IEC 60298 & 60694 IS 3427:1997.

Metal Clad Construction indoor/outdoor

IP 4x/IP 5x Extemally and IP 2x between Compartments

100 mm (minimum)

100 mm (minimum)

4000 A (maximum)

Rear Bottom

EV series,Horizontal draw out and fixed version

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

EV Series

According to the IS/IEC standard,a circuit breaker is a mechanical device of connection,capable of establish,withstand and break the current under the normal operation of the circuit and occasionally under specific overload (e.g.short circuit current ) during a given time (generally fractions of second ).

Salient Features

EV series has been designed to ensure maximum operator safety.

Excellent breaking performance and good dielectric recovery.

Interlocked for safe operation.

Electrical Anti-Pumping feature.

Compact design and easily serviceable.

Great withstand to extreme temperatures.

Quick charging time (with in 10sec).

Resistant against severe climatic and environmental conditions.

Epoxy housing to protect vacuum interrupters against machanical stress and damages.


Rated Voltage (kv)

Rated Current (A)

Frequency (HZ)

Symm.Breaking capacity (KArms/KAp)

Duration of short time current (sec)

Making Capacity (KAp)

Breaking capacity (KA)

Operating Time (m.sec)

Total Break Time (m.sec)

Arc Time (m.sec)

Making time (m.sec)

Operating Sequence












0.3min-co-3min-co 0-0.3sec-co-3min-co


EV series is suitable for switching application in electrical distribution networks for control and protection of power equipment in the network such as.

Transformers switching

Distribution substation

Ring main units

Cables and overhead lines charging etc.


Ev series type circuit breaker is designed and tested to meet .


IS:13118 Standards

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited