Unitized Secondary Substation-12
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Unitized Secondary Substation

Uss is a prefabricated secondary substation with the combination of medium voltage switchgear low voltage switchgear distribution transformer and associated components of metering and protection all filtted in one compact unit in accordance to the standards.
The Uss is compartmentalized into three divisions namely medium voltage switchgear compartment low voltage switchgear compartment and distribution transformer compartment .

Special Features

All Weather Proof enclosure
Resistance to outside temperature and humidity
High Leavel of Personal safety & Protection
High load breaking capacity at low weight and reduced overall plant and operating costs
Absolute moisture and temperature barriers
High durability & very low maintenance cost
Highly fire retardant
can be installed very quickly & Conveniently

Applicable Standards

Uss is designed and tested in accordance with IEC 61330 and also with individual standards of equipments like IEC 60265, IEC 60298,IEC 60694,IEC 60439 & IEC 60076.

Design & Construction

Eswaris USS is an Unique innovative modular design and construction The modular design provides easy detachability of walls,doors,ceillings and roofts,however complying to IP 5x standards .
The Enclosure is made of special insulating material called PUF (Poly-Urethene Foam ) sandwiched between two pre-coated GI sheets This offers excellent insulating properties for both electrical and thermal factor.All the wall and door panels are provided with a special tongue and groove construction to enable a CAM-lock fastening system

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Equipment Combination

Generally the USS is divided into three compartments and they are

Medium Voltage Switchgear Compartment

Medium Voltage switchgear can be of either one of the following
→ Ring main unit (SF6 Gas insulated /vacuum type )
→ Load break switches /Switch fuse disconnectors

Low Voltage Switchgear Compartment

→ Low Voltage switchgear can be in accordance with standards as well as individual requirements
→ Generally it includes the combination of Air circuit breaker MCCB,MCB and switch Fuse disconnectores.

Distribution Transformer Compartment

The Transformer can be of either one of the following
→ Oil cooled with conservator
→ oil cooled with hermetically seated
→ Cast resin /cast impregnated type
And the rating of the transformer depends upon the customer requirement upto 1000 KVA .

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

e-Bus Interfacer

e-Bus Interfacer is an innovative device of ESWARI to offer a low cost SCADA / Automation solution. The interfacing device enable the user to control and acquire data from the USS. The switchgear ON & OFF operation can be remotely controlled through GSM/internet The data such as current voltage power Frequency can also be obtained remotely through this interfacing device.