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Eswari’s POLYDIS Series Disconectors are expressly designed for the application and economics of overhead feeder switching. In addition, these switches are available in different mounting configurations to accommodate the variety of line constructions encountered on today’s distribution systems.

PolyDis Series disconnectors are suitable to mount in eitherConcrete Pole or Wooden Pole . Either Horizontal orvertical type. Either in Single Pole or in Double Pole Structures.

PolyDisDisconnectors are rated upto 630 amperes continuous in voltage ratings upto 33 kV..

PolyDis Series Disconnectors can interrupt currents up to 630 amperes during emergency switching situations and are capable of carrying up to 630 amperes continuously. These are definite “pluses” for today’s sectionalizing practices,where switching procedures may increase system.

Polydis Series are capable of fault level capabilities of 25,000 amperes RMS asymmetrically.

Additionally, these PolydisSeries provide reliable operation even in areas subject to abnormal weather conditions.

PolyDisSeries are offered in an integer style that is preassembled and factory-adjusted to facilitate installation by eliminating the need for field assembly. All three switch poles come preassembled on a one-piece base with the necessary electrical and mechanical clearances built-in. The switch blades, contacts, and operating rod are adjusted at the factory to ensure reliable opening and closing operations.

Each Polydis Series Disconnector and its associated operating mechanism are packaged in a single crate suitable for compact storage and easy handling.

Once at the site, installation is further facilitated by use of the designed-in lifting means to ensure that the switch is hoisted in a balanced manner.

Polydis Series disconnectors are compactlightweight, typically less than 300 pounds, these switches are easy to handle both on the ground and while hoisting.

It does not require the addition of an operating mechanismon the pole, provides the ultimate solution for asimple, quick, and cost-effective installation.


PolyDis series disconnector includes a compact, economical design that eliminates any need for mounting of individual pole-unit bases.

Steel bases are constructed from a 3mm thickness galvanized steel channel.

Each disconnector is equipped with a rugged galvanized steel pole-mounting bracket which can accommodate steel or wood poles.

Pole-units are permanently and securely lockedto the base using Eswari’s unique clamping system.

The pole-units are self-aligning to ensure precise positioning during assembly.

Pole-unit clamping members also serve as dead-ending brackets for each switch pole, thereby eliminating the need for separate dead-ending provisions.

Extensive testing confirms the ability of switch poles to withstand mechanical forces far greater than those that will be experienced in service.


PolyDis Series Disconnector incorporate double member hard-drawn silver-plated copper blades,plus silver-to-silver contacts throughout the switch.

Contact construction includes a bifurcated blade contact with stainless-steel loading springs to ensure optimum multi-point contact pressure.

The silver-plated stationary contact is of formed copper construction and includes a tapered profile to facilitate smooth, positive blade closure. In addition, the stationary contact features a unique “back angled” design to provide positive wiping action during opening and closing, and to ensurethat different areas on the blade contact are used for making current and carrying continuous current.

A stainless-steel loading spring is utilized to provide the optimum combination of contact pressure, operating ease, and terminal-pad stability.


PolyDis Series Disconnector employs High Resistance arcing method to quench arc during breaking and opening of the switch .

It uses “MBBA” technique for ( Make before and Break After ) arc quenching .


PolyDis Series Disconnector uses Polymer type Insulators.

These insulators have a core composed covered by polymer sheds. Polymer shed material is Silicone Rubber.

The end fittings are attached to the core in such a way that required mechanical strength for the applications . The core consists of axially aligned glass fibers bonded together by means of an organic resin.

The unprotected core with end fittings by itself is not suitable for outdoor high voltage applications , as moisture , ultraviolet rays , contamination , acid , rain , ozone and voltage are conductive to the degradation of the core material and leading to electrical and mechanical failure. Hence , a protective sheath or weather sheds made from silicone rubber have been compounded for outdoor electrical applications are applied over the core in various ways to protect the core and to provide maximum electrical insulation between the attachment ends.

PolyDis Series Disconnector shall be installed in four different combinations:

As horizontally in Single Pole Structures

As Vertically in Single Pole Structures

As horizontally in Double Pole Structures

As Vertically in Double Pole Structures


Mounting Bracket

Eye Bolt

Operatingdown pipe.

Operator Safety Insulator

Operating Handle

Stay L Angle

S.No Descriptions 11KV 22KV 33KV
1 Rated Voltage 11KV 22KV 33KV
2 Highest voltage system 12KV 24KV 36KV
3 Rated Current 100-630A 100-630A 100-630A
4 Rated frequency 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ
5 Rated short time withstand current 25KA FOR 3 SEC 25KA FOR 3 SEC 25KA FOR 3 SEC
6 Rated making current 62.5KA PEAK 62.5KA PEAK 62.5KA PEAK
7 Insulation level Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage 75KV 125KV 170KV
8 Rated power frequency withstand voltage 28KV 50KV 70KV
9 No of breaks per pole SINGLE SINGLE SINGLE
10 Ambient temperature during temperature rise test 40°C 40°C 40°C
11 Main contact material COPPER COPPER COPPER
12 Main contact plating material SILVER SILVER SILVER
13 Method of attachment of insulator to insulator base Bolt and Nut Fixing Arrangement Bolt and Nut Fixing Arrangement Bolt and Nut Fixing Arrangement
14 Minimum creepage distance for insulator 300mm 600mm 900mm
15 Reference standard Aa per IEC 62271-102 As per IEC 62271-102