AR – 12 Series Auto Reclosers
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AR – 12 Series – Auto Reclosers

AR-12 Series recloser is a three-phase vacuum circuit breaker to handle medium voltage feeders in normal conditions of operation and in short circuit conditions. They are specially designed to automatically protect lines and customers, isolate faults, and restore service if the fault has been cleared.

AR-12 Series reclosers are medium voltage circuit breakers capable of opening a medium voltage feeder in short circuit conditions. They are equipped with sensors and intelligent electronic devices specially designed to protect lines and customer, isolating automatically faults and restoring the service if the fault has been cleared.

Reclosers provides real time critical data about the line health, as power (A, W, VAR), voltage (V) or frequency (f) values. This data enhances medium voltage grid operation, enable fault analysis, system diagnosis and eventually improve MV grids operational efficiency.

The use of recloser, in combination with load break switches and other switching equipment, enhances operational capabilities that improves significantly quality of service reliability indicators (SAIDI / CAIFI). Reclosers also reduce costs in terms of maintenance and incident response.

SE6 Series - Sectionalizers

SF6 load break switches are used in power distribution grids along with reclosers to segment long lines and to increase control capabilities.They offer a reliable operation, user safety, low maintenance and a long life, combined in a cheap device that offers advanced capabilities in terms of protection, control and automation.

Our SE6 Series Sectionalizers / Gas Insulated Pole Mounted LBS are capable to open the feeder under normal operating conditions. When a fault occurs and the main circuit breaker or nearest recloser trips off, the load break swith is able to open the line, isolating the faulted segment and allowing a quick service restoration in segments unaffected by the incidence.

Their application on medium voltage overhead feeders significantly improves the quality of service reliability indicators, minimizing the number of users affected when permanent faults occurs and enhancing system reconfiguration options.

SE6 Series load break switches can be supplied with different command and control options: Manual only, with electric drive for future automation or with a control cabinet for automation and local/remote operation.

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Types of Faults in Lines

60% - 70% of faults are of a transient (Temporary) nature

Conductors clashing in the wind

Tree branches falling on overhead conductors

Animals or birds getting curious

Careless motor vehicle drivers

Lightning strikes

Operating error : leaving earths connected etc.

Some are more permanent

An “auto-reclose” cycle should clear the fault

“lock out” of the section

Recloser ?
A Recloser is a protection device

For overhead power lines

It is a circuit breaker with more arduous test & install conditions

Designed to RECLOSE on to a fault.


The “auto-reclose” cycle

Will detect a fault and open for a pre-programmed time,

before closing again automatically

This cycle can be repeated 3 times

Lockout typically on the fourth trip

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Satisfied Customer

Improved reliability of power supply

Quality of supply

Automatic recloser function - supply restoration after temporary faults

Reduced outage time

Minimise revenue loss

Event Log and Remote control

Reduce cost of fault finding

Better knowledge of the network

Reduction in the number of customer complaints

SAIDI/SAIFI variations – Quality Power

SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) can vary from a few minutes to several hours,

SAIFI (System Average Interruption Frequency Index) can vary from 1 to 10 and more, depending on

population density (rural or urban area)

proportion between underground and overhead distribution

maximum accepted costs for non distributed energy

Permanent interruptions (>1mn)

33/11 KV Unmanned Remote Controlled S/s

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Compact, Unmanned, Remote controlled 33/11 KV S/s with 2 transformers each up to 10 MVA

Half space than a conventional s/s.

Economic as very less civil work.

Saving in execution time and costly land in urban areas app.

Remote regular maintenance

CB, Current & Voltage sensors are life sealed ,insensitive to the environment.

All types of protection OC,EF,UV,OV,OF,UF,DF, measurement KW,KWH,KVArH, data logging and event recording & self diagnostic facility helps to analyze the system and energy consumption.

Delivers quality power.

Automatic callout to the remote control station in case of predefined critical alarms.

Communication with the remote central control station using GPRS Network or other media like GSM, 3G, PSTN, Leased Lines, Radio, VSAT etc. using established and field proven IEC 60870-5-104. Scalable to SCADA.

Sub-station will have a unique aesthetic view in a crowded city.

Intelligent Grid

“It’s a visualization of infrastructure to measure, control & manage the energy, using various communication media, from generation to consumer and make it available, transparently to everyone”

Smart Sub stations

Smart Distribution

Features – AR 12 Series With AUTON Controller

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Application – AR 12 Series With AUTON Controller

Sectionalizing schemes

Distributed automatic transfer

Distribution automation

Circuit breaker alternative

Relay protection

Revenue grade metering

Open bus ties

To reduce the SAIDI and SAIFI indicators

Unmanned Substation

Features - Sectionalizers With SECTON Controller

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Application – SE6 Sectionalizers With SECTON Controller

Lower cost option for segmentation of the network

Reduced operating costs

Reduced outage time

Event log and remote control

Reduction in the number of customer complaints

Long service life

Intelligent Controller – SECTON & AUTON

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Fully integrated automation

Power supply with UPS

Measuremen: Current, voltage, harmonic and wave form capture

Control: Sectionalizer Remote control

Communication facilities: Protocols Transmission Configuration with user friendly software

Dominance of SECTON & AUTON

Comprehensive solution: Recloser / Sectionalizer, Network automation, Network maintenance, High integration level, Wide range of protocols, IEC 870-5-101/104 – DNP3-DNP3/IP.

Wide range of transmission media: Radio, GSM, GPRS, PSTN

Measurement features: Voltage, current, power factor, Power calculation, Harmonics analysis, Fault detection, Protection functionality.

Interfacer – IFR SWS

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Local and remote control

Communication options

Measurement screens

Local language support

Event log handling

Controller firmware loading

Power quality analysis

Firmware code loader

Launch pad