Expulsion Fuse Links
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Expulsion Fuse Links for Overhead Distribution Fuse Cutouts

ESWARI's Expulsion fuse links can be applied to a variety of applications requiring over current protection of distribution systems and equipment. When properly coordinated with other over current protective devices, sectionalizing to isolate faulted feeder branches or equipment can be accomplished.

ESWARI's Expulsion fuse links are available in a variety of types offering a wide selection of operating characteristics. These links incorporate low melting Temperature elements, captive washers, high-resistance strain wires and high strength resin bonded tubes.The low temperature melting elements enhance overload capability by guaranteeing Non-damageability of the fuse tubes.

The Expulsion fuse links have been produced for about a hundred years and today they are being used all around the world.

They play a vital role in the protection of equipment and electrical networks, assuring that the failures that happen inevitably, don't cause too much damage and that the continuity of the supply of electrical power to the customers is maintained at a high level. Besides, the cost of a fuse is incomparably lower than the cost of the equipment it protects (e.g. a transformer), so the use of fuses considerably reduces the final cost of energy.

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Eswari Electricals Private Limited

There are various types of fuse links, depending on the characteristics of their design and nominal and fault values.

Expulsion Fuse Links are available in two different Time- Current Characteristics.

Type K

Type K fuses are called fast element fuse links and it will have Fast-blowing K characteristics.

Type T

Type T fuses are called slow element fuse links and it will have Slow-blowing K characteristics.

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited


Transformer protection

Secondary temporary faults that can be withstood by a transformer, If secondary faults persist and become dangerous, the Expulsion fuse links will operate, preventing damage to the transformer

System protection

When a heavy fault occurs within the transformer primary bushings,a Expulsion link clears the transformer from the system before damage can occur, and before any other protective device can operate and cause an unnecessary interruption to any other segment of the system.


All fuse links are packed in individual cartons for the maximum protection and ease of use. Each cartons contain 10 numbers of Expulsion fuse links. Fuse Link Type and Ampere Ratings are clearly marked on the carton. Expulsion fuse links come in protective plastic bags. Each bag remains completely sealed for all-weather protection and keeps the links protected in the line truck's bins. Type, Voltage and amperage is printed on each bag, for easy identification.