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Polymeric Surge Arresters

POLY-PRO-surge Arresters is a state of an art product using the most advanced sillicon rubber technology for its surge Arresters in the medium voltage range The surge Arrester are manufactured in awell defined quality management system and complies to all international standards such as IEC,DIN,IS,ANSI,etc
POLY-PRO Arresters are available from 3kv to 36kv for both distribution & station class application The active parts are non linear metal oxide blocks which vary instantaneously from an isolating state to a conductive state in the case of over voltage the composite structure is made of a fibre class reinforced synthetic resin which is designed to give maximum machanical strength the sillicon rubber housing also provides very high insulation withstand strength of the arrester .

Salient Features

Easy Mounting of Installation

High Energy absorption capability

Improved values of residual voltages for superior over voltage protection

Minimum power loss

Long form stability characteristics

Enhanced safety

Applicable Standards





Split Clamp or standard bracket

NEMA Type Bracket

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Installation of Mounting

Our arresters are generally recommended for pole or panel mounting in avertical postion However,for mounting arrangements ,kindly consider our special instruction and assistance available upon request
Failure due to flashovers and electrical overstress may be avoided by following recommended clearance between the arrester any adjacent equipment must be observed.
The Mounting clearancess may be followed as per the following table

Eswari Electricals Private Limited

Arresters Selection

The Method of arrester selection mount include the following steps .

Review of all system stresses and service conditions expected at the point where arresters are to be mounted.

The detailed study so system stresses containing continuous operating voltage,Temporary over-voltage and lighting surges

From the above,there are many different ratings are required to meet these individual critical the highest resulting rating must be chosen

Eswari Electricals Private Limited
Eswari Electricals Private Limited