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Service & Solutions

Installation Services

ESWARI offers a wide range of field services starting from installation of Circuit-Switchers, switchgear, overhead distribution equipment, automation systems, and power quality equipment — performing all essential testing and commissioning procedures.

Equipment Testing & Commissioning

For equipment such as automated distribution switching packages and power quality systems, our field service specialists can provide the testing necessary to ensure that the system is functioning properly. Typical commissioning activities include:

  • System and component inspection prior to energization
  • Field settings & adjustments
  • Calibration and programming
  • Equipment start-up
  • System evaluation to ensure conformance to performance specification
  • Communications checks, including data transfer to SCADA or facilities management systems

After Sales Service

 ESWARI offers Dedicated Customer Support Service that ensures a prompt after sales service. Our field service specialists will accurately diagnose any equipment damage, make repairs, and provide the critical support necessary to get the equipment back in service as quickly as possible.